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Residential Indoor and Outdoor Pool Design

Omega Pool Structures, Inc. puts the swimming pool of your dreams within your reach. Our residential portfolio is full of elaborately designed custom swimming pools with dramatic multiple levels, beach entrances, vanishing edges and other specialized features.

We work with your architect, contractor, or swimming pool construction company to create a stunning custom swimming pool to your exact specifications. Each Omega pool is completely unique, designed according to your specific requirements for size, shape, building material, tie-in to your home, property setbacks, zoning, and desired internal climate.

We have nearly 30 years of experience to handle even the most complicated swimming pool design challenges. From overcoming site issues to obtaining permits, Omega has the knowledge and ability to successfully complete your residential swimming pool project.

Specializing in pool and spa enclosures, Omega helps you to enjoy the benefits of year round swimming right in your home. We are well-versed in mold prevention and vapor barriers to protect your indoor aquatic environment and reduce maintenance costs. With energy efficient solar heating and custom skylights, Omega indoor swimming pools bring luxury to your home. Our team is highly skilled in seamlessly integrating indoor swimming pools with existing structures.

Omega Pool Structures, Inc. is your single source for residential swimming pool design and construction. Whether you want a luxury outdoor swimming pool, spa enclosure, or retractable roof, we can create a completely custom aquatic environment to blend naturally and beautifully into your residence.

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