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Why do so many architects choose Omega Pool Structures, Inc

Why do so many architects choose Omega Pool Structures, Inc. to provide expert consultation for custom pool design? Because Omega has mastered the art of controllable aquatic environments, working closely with architects nationwide to provide expertise for all aspects of custom swimming pool design.

Known for our stunning, outside of the box designs and the high level of control that we bring to indoor pool construction, Omega Pool Structures, Inc. is your right hand in swimming pool design. We tackle the smallest details of your most complicated projects for commercial facilities, adult communities, private residences, wellness centers and more. From helping you to obtain permits and construction documents to creating custom skylights and mechanical systems, Omega is experienced in every aspect of indoor pool construction and design.

Working with Omega gives you more than just peace of mind. It also gives you the ability to create more efficient, quality custom swimming pools. We specialize in heating, dehumidification and ventilation system design to control the indoor aquatic environment and ensure that your indoor pool will withstand moisture and unique environmental conditions.

Omega prides itself on minimizing operating costs while maximizing value. Because we represent some of the best swimming pool and spa products on the market, we bring you direct cost savings on the products you depend on to get the job done.

Whether you are seeking assistance in the design and engineering of the pool itself, or need insight into specific details of your project, you can depend on Omega to be the final word in pool and spa enclosures.

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